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A spiritual journey to Mexico is a great option for those in search of a balance between body and soul.


Almost every city in Mexico, founded before the Spanish conquerors came to the country, was built following specific astronomical and archaeological guidelines. Certain buidlings are said to have a special power and many people still visit them today to charge their bodies and souls with positive energy.


The Pyramid of Kulkulkan in Chichen Itzá, which is the site of a special equinox shadow phenomenon, and the Sun and Moon Pyramids in Teotihuacan are just two examples of this. Less famous Maya sites like Calakmul, deep down into the jungle, or Yaxchilan, only accessible by boat, crossing the Usumacinta river, offer special Yoga, Meditation or Spiritual Rituals.






Mextrotter предлагает следующие варианты для спиритуального отдыха:


  • Семинары по йоге в уникальных местах
  • Очищение души шаманом
  • Медитация на особенных местах для Ацтеков и Майя
  • Помощь в поискаж себя отпрофессонального тренера 


Spiritual travel through Mexico 


YOGA At the dream beach

In Zipolite at Pazific


YOGA at the caribbean

At the dream beach of Tulum



Antistress Seminars

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