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Temazcal is much more than a Mexican version of the sauna. Temazcal is a thousand year old tradition that was already practiced by the pre-Hispanic peoples of Mexico.


Hot stones are placed in a hole in the middle of the Temazcal. The igloo-shaped "cave" symbolizes the womb in which you sweat and work off experiences, traumas and fears from early childhood on to the present. A truly authentic Temazcal session stretches over approximately 3 hours and runs in 4 cycles. At the end of each cycle the normally darkened Temazcal will be briefly opened.


The Temazcal Apapachocalli is one of the places where the healing ritual is still performed authentically. This oasis of peace  and reflection is situated about 30 kilometers in the south of Cuernavaca. Bertha, who operates this place, knows her craft. As a shaman, natural healer and "Temazcalera" she has been conducting ceremonies for over 30 years.


A two-day stay in the Temazcal is an ideal pre-programme for your journey beginning in Mexico City.


Programme for your stay at the "Aztec Spa":


  • Arrival at the airport of Mexico City > Transfer to the Apapachocalli (about 1,5 hours by car)
  • 2 nights all inclusive (vegetarian, authentic, traditional cuisine)
  • 1x Temazcal (about 3hours) 
  • 1x hike (about 3 hours) or simply relaxation in the Temazcal
  • Transfer back to Mexico City > On the way back a visit to the archaeological site of Xochicalco & the city of Cuernavaca (optional)


Prices of the exceptional Mexico Temazcal


  • Basic Package 250,00 EUR per person in a double room . Reception at the airport by a Mextrotter employee; Transfer by bus to Cuernavaca and from there  private transfer to theTemazcal. Transfer  back to Mexico City by taxi or bus.
  • Comfort Package 425,00 EUR per person in a double room. Transfers with private car & driver. Visit of Xochicalco & Cuernavaca including admission fees. 


Программа для посещения "Спа Ацтеков":


  • Прибытие в аэропорт Мехико > Трансфер в Апапачокали (Apapachocalli, около 1.5 часов)
  • 2 ночи на Все Включено (вегетерианская кухня)
  • 1 сеанс Темаскаля (около 3 часов) 
  • 1 прогулка (около 3 часов) по желанию 
  • Трансфер в Мехико > На обратном пути посещение пирамид Сочикалько и города Куэрнавака (по желанию) 






For your wellness & relaxation program before your Mexico tour we offer the following options



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Relaxation for body and soul


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