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Voyage alternatif et medecine traditionnelle au Mexique


This trip takes you from the tranquil town of Tepotzlán to the natural phenomenon of Las Estacas with your English speaking guide.




Day 1: Mexico City

After arriving at MEX International Airport in Mexico City and completing the immigration formalities, you will be met by your guide, Gregor Dammeier. He then takes you to Tepoztlán, a so-called Pueblo Mágico.

Day 2: Tepoztlán (F)

Today you will climb up to El Tepozteco, where you will visit the Prehispanic temple of the same name. It is only a slight ascent. Afterwards, visit the Dominican church with adjoining monastery and the unique market in the town of Tepoztlán. The food there is traditionally and from old tradition, which we will of course try. In the afternoon we go to a Temazcal (prehispanic sweat lodge) with a lacqueous master of ceremonies. Accommodation: Hotel Nican Mo Calli Posada

Day 3: Xochicalco (F)

The journey will take you to Xochicalco today. The temple complex is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and served as a spiritual center for various Mesoamerican peoples. Particularly noteworthy are the temple pyramid of the Quetzalcóatl (the feathered serpent) and the walk-in observatory. We then return to Tepoztlán to visit a specially trained naturalist. This will give us an insight into pre-medical medicine such as bone directions, traditional massages and limpias (cleansing). At your own request, you can also go there. Accommodation: Hotel Nican Mo Calli Posada

Day 4: Las Estacas

After a 45-minute drive, we visit the natural reserve of Las Estacas with the river Rio Las Estacas, which also has its source. While swimming in the crystal clear waters, you can admire the extraordinary nature panorama. This is followed by a transfer to Mexico City where you will be staying for three more days in the historic center to start the Azteca Mundo Maya trip with a guided tour the next day.


Sont inclus, lors du Voyage Alternatif au Mexique:


  • Transfert de l'aéroport (MEX) vers le premier hôtel réservé, à Tepoztlán ou à Mexico
  • 3 jours de voyage en minibus/voiture climatisé(e) et confortable
  • 3 nuits dans un bon hôtel de catégorie moyenne, chambre double avec petit-déjeuner
  • Possibilité de goûter aux mets "typiques" lors de la visite du marché
  • Guide francophone
  • Entrées, visites guidées et excursions
  • Transfert vers Mexico


Prix des 3 jours, nuits comprises, 343 Euros par personne en chambre double (supplément chambre individuelle : 89 Euro)


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