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Based on ancient techniques of  Kundalini Yoga and herbal medicine


“Why are we economically active?” To experience how our consciousness can be put into practice.

We are all born with potential and an inner structure as the basis for happiness and success in life. Kundalini Yoga is an ancient science-based method to obtain well-being. Accelerate your individual growth and support the development of your inner power. Stimulate the harmonious awakening of your energy centers so that the cosmic energy can freely flow through them.

The aim of the course is a basic and fundamental approach to life in order to achieve "success". If you recognize the fundamental principles you cannot fail.




  • Perceive yourself as an individual, recognize different mental processes and use them successfully during commercial operations
  • Recognize your own personality and find out how it manifests itself 
  • Apply techniques to enhance vitality, weaken resistence, free the mind and consequently to improve decision making processes


BREATHWALK (walking and breathing). It is the science and art to connect conscious breathing with hikes in order to breathe vitality, happiness and prosperity with every step. Breathwalk is a technique that you can always apply in  daily life and that you can share with others.


GATKA is a martial art that has been practiced for 300 years in the North of India by men, women and children. Speed, agility and fitness are thereby trained. Eliminate your fears, phobias and anger with its help.  Balance your brain hemispheres and discover your grace as warrior of life.


The mind. Kundalini Yoga offers many techniques and meditations that help us to focus and develop the mind. "Your mind is intended to support you on your way through life. It is the force that unites your resources and shapes your behavior. If you go on developing your mind, its facets and ramifications, you will also be able to be successful in your business ventures. But you have to train and to refine it in order to discover the functional mind that serves you and your soul. The mind is a large automatic mechanism that processes thoughts and feelings. It is so powerful that we say: "If you conquer your mind you conquer the world." But the mind is in constant motion and has no fixed base in itself.
Without any effort on your part your mind produces all kinds of thoughts. In order to stop the emotional and mental games, a direction must be given to the mental processes. To be actually "successful", you have to show a consistent attitude towards life so that your mind and soul can sound at the same frequency, beyond time and space.


VITALITY AND STRESS. Kundalini Yoga brings you closer to  techniques with the help of which you recognize stress and practice disciplines that activate the internal vitality and combat stress factors in life. Vitality is a property of our consciousness, of our intelligence, our body and mind. If we ignore this it would be to our own detriment. Yogi Bhajan advises us to surrender to our consciousness and our soul and to honor the gift of life. Thus we learn the art of relaxation, awaken and recognize our reserves of life energy and combat the stress, pressures and anxieties that surround us in everyday life.

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