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earn 50,00 Euros in 30 Minutes!

For those travelers who want to express their satisfaction and at the same time earn some money we present simple measures to decuct 50 Euros from their final payment.
Even if you have already paid your trip prior to arrival, you can profit from the measures mentioned below. In this case we will deposit the 50 Euros on your account. Or just keep back 50.00 Euros and do the advertising after the trip. If you then do not find the time to post for us,  just transfer the 50 Euros after the trip.
Make the posting of your choice in the week after returning from your trip and send a screenshot of the measures to and we will confirm your discount.






 for Facebook Users:

 Upload a foto on the Facebook page, label it and write a few lines about your Mextrotter trip.

 4 min 7,00 Eur

 Become Mextrotter Fan on Facebook

 1 min 3,00 Eur

Choose a maximum of  4 and for Facebook users 5 of the following activities:

  Send us a reference with a foto that we can publish on our page (with e-mail and name),


 5 min 10,00 Eur

  Create a new discussion topic

  and mention Mextrotter positively

 5 min 10,00 Eur

  Write a review about  Mextrotter

  on Tripadvisor

 5 min 10,00 Eur

  Evaluate us at Ciao and write a review

 5 min 10,00 Eur

  Mention us in the hotel review or in a

 discussion forum

 5 min 10,00 Eur

  Give a  travel tip Mexico and mention us

 5 min

10,00 Eur

  Evaluate Mextrotter on  5 min 10,00 Eur



Vaya, ¡Mextrotter tiene bastantes hermosas y únicas excursiones a México!
¡Sí, y nuestros expertos en México dan consejos gratis para el viaje por teléfono o chat en vivo!
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