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Get married in Mexico: Can you imagine spending the best day of your life in beautiful Mexican Hacienda hotel?


Or maybe on the bright white beach of the Mexican Carribean?

Or did you get married a while ago? Then celebrate your silver or golden wedding anniversary under the Aztec sun!






Everything for your dream wedding in Mexico

Or how about a romantic dinner on the beach of your dreams? Surprise your partner and combine the dinner with a marriage proposal.


There are no boundaries to your imagination when designing your wedding. Our Wedding team are happy to offer suggestions and tips. How about a transfer to dinner in a stretch-limo? 




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Alba Maria Aronica
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570.00 USD
According to your information

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When should your dream wedding take place?
Description Price Select
Your comments on the date
Choose your ceremony
Description Price Select
Basic price for the organization, fees, paperwork (where necessary). The ceremonies can be combined (civil and religious for example).
Civil Ceremony Civil Wedding 950.00 USD
Cosmic Ceremony nondenominational, not legal 500.00 USD
Maya Ceremony nondenominational, not legal 375.00 USD
Religious Ceremony Catholic, Jewish, Orthodox, ... 438.00 USD
Doves A dive into freedom 235.00 USD
Place for personal comments
Where should your dream wedding take place?
Description Price Select
Beach Beach hotel 150.00 USD
Beach Private and isolated 300.00 USD
Cenote A Mystic Maya Cave 193.00 USD
Something very special Everything is possible 0.00 USD
Personal comments about the location
Choose your decoration
Description Price Select
Wedding arch Designed according to your wishes 200.00 USD
Huppa without flowers 232.00 USD
Huppa with flowers 294.00 USD
Tikki torches without flowers 75.00 USD
Tikki torches with flowers (8 pieces) 250.00 USD
Chairs and decoration per piece
Description Price Select
Prices of the following items are per piece. Choose the correct number.
Flower balls with stand 63.00 USD
Chairs Classic 7.00 USD
Chairs Avant Garde 9.00 USD
Chairs Bamboo 9.00 USD
Chairs Tiffany 9.00 USD
Chairs Lady Ghost 11.00 USD
Bouquet for the bride & more
Description Price Select
Bouquet Traditional 88.00 USD
Bouquet deluxe 211.00 USD
Corsage for the groom 19.00 USD
Bouquet For the bride 50.00 USD
Make-up and hairdresser
Description Price Select
Make Up and bridal hairstyle 188.00 USD
Background music
Description Price Select
Music Violin 350.00 USD
Music Saxophone 350.00 USD
Music Harp 350.00 USD
Music Acoustic Guitar 350.00 USD
Music Mariachi Trio 353.00 USD
Music Trio (strings) 600.00 USD
Music Quartet (strings) 847.00 USD
Music DJ 938.00 USD
Sound System Recommended for minimum 10 guests 188.00 USD
Photo and Video
Description Price Select
Photographer 2 hour session 364.00 USD
Video 2 hour documentation 330.00 USD
Description Price Select
Cigar roller how about a Cohiba? 440.00 USD
Trash Dress Why to keep the wedding dress? 3715.00 USD
coordination fee (obligatory)
Description Price Select


For us transparent pricing is of utmost importance. For this reason we do not include our earnings in individual components but charge instead a coordination and organization fee according to the quantity of participants. Specify the number of participants (including the bridal couple).


coordination fee (obligatory) 570.00 USD
(Please let us know your contactdetails and wishes in the next step.)
Total price for all travellers according to your information
from $ 570.00
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