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You have booked a trip to Mexico! Are you still looking for an excursion program because you might have a few days in the country before your group trip starts?


In the highlands of Mexico, around the pulsating capital Mexico City, there are wonderful tour options. Here, you can find a selection of the most beautiful day and half day trips from Mexico City.


Choose whether you would like to do this in an entertaining company as a collective taxi excursion, or exclusively privately.


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We offer two possibilities of day trips from Mexico City:


  • Excursions with an English speaking guide in a shuttle taxi. Available on a daily basis, minimum number of participants: 1 person
  • Exclusive tours with an English speaking guide. The excursion is tailor-made for you, you will not join a bigger group.


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If you want to take more than one excursion, please send us a request with the respective dates. Or describe briefly what you want to do on which day.

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The prices are automatically adapted to the number of participants. Children pay half.


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