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on the traces of tourism


A special, alternative realization of on-the-goness, an understanding encounter with the diversity of cultures and natures compared to one's own.


Gregor Dammeier, a professional German licensed travel guide, an educated, sympathetic and really competent figure in the industry, immigrated to Mexico, seeks, researches and offers alternative destinations of travel and horizon extension. He moves the beauties like contradictions, visions, confrontations. The Mexperte a traveler with German eyes and Mexican senses.


Thus Gregor varies with appropriate information and obstacles of geographic, ethno-ecological and historical conditions in accordance with current contextual frameworks, goes observing and researching or experiencing through the fascinating country and in dialogue with the travelers and the confronted population.


There are opportunities for contacts and experiences to approach each reality in the optical and qualitative spectrum and to enjoy the rich diversity in its immense range.


These travel experiences are achieved by dipping into space and time with as many facets as possible, inspired by information, visions, associations as understanding bridges. He communicates this with the correction of ideas - or even prejudices, in particular by factual knowledge and arguments in a different, open and sensitive or tolerant way.


The goal of the traveler should not only be to take his exotic pictures home, but to approach other worlds, with contrasting horizons, to inspire, to motivate with otherness, and possibly to learn something that enriches one's own reality could.





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