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unique nature experiences IN MEXIcO


Due to its location in different geographical zones Mexico offers a variety of landscapes like few other countries. Running from north to south is the Sierra Madre, home to many of the most beautiful areas of the Americas.

Here you will find a small selection of the most beautiful excursions in Mexico:


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Monarch butterflies: A spectacle from mid-November to March in which millions of Monarch butterflies come from Canada to spend the winter in Mexico


Coffee Finca: Hike in or simply admire the  highlands of Chiapas


Copper Canyon: A highlight in the north of Mexico, larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon and crossed by the only railway in Mexico.


Convent Route: Through one of the most beautiful landscapes in the central highlands between Silver City Taxco and temple hill  Tepozteco


Valle de Bravo. The Mexican Switzerland, a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, mountain bikers and paragliders

Choose your favorite from the following natural wonders in Mexico


MexiCo COPPER canyon

Railway Adventure


Monarch butterflies michoacan

Butterfly Adventure



Aromatic Adventure

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