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Once a year, Mexico's graveyards come to life. All Saints' Day ("Día de muertos") is not an occasion for mourning but rather a popular celebration with colorful decoration and a lot of cheerfulness. According to popular belief, the souls of the dead return during these days to visit their families. Orange flowers are used to decorate the paths between the cemetery and the deceased's former house. Altars with gifts and sweets are set up everywhere, and life on the streets is festive and cheerful.


The regions of Oaxaca and Michoacán are especially famous for the abundance of colors used during these days. The lake of Pátzcuaro, in Michoacán, is transformed into a floating place of commemoration.  Hundreds of rafts and boats, decorated with particular flower arrangements, gather at night on the lake. On the cemetery in Oaxaca, you will not witness silent mourning, but vibrant celebrations, with Mariachi music and a picnics on the tombs.


Skulls made of chocolate or sugar can be found everywhere and skeletons of wood, the so-called "Catrinas", are dressed up with the deceased's favorite outfit. There are also skeletons of living politicians displayed on many public places.









Out of Mexico the dead are commemorated in a completely different way and many travellers who have experienced the Mexican tradition say they have changed the way they think about death.


For the living, Mextrotter offers


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  • Custom made tours by rental car or with private guide to Oaxaca or the lake of Pátzcuaro in Michoacán
  • A look from inside at the authentic Mexico



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