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Catemaco is located in the smallest and most northern rain forest of Central America, the region known as "Los Tuxtlas". The "Lago de Catemaco" is surrounded by many volcanic hills. The vegetation is lavish; the green of the trees and the plants is simply a blessing for the soul, and you will surely have the sensation that everything falls into place, such can be read in the enthousiastic testimony of Katharina, who emigrated to this place from Germany. The lake of Catemaco is surrounded by 3 bigger volcanoes, tobacco is cultivated in the valley towards the north, and in the more southern mountains, there are organic coffee plantations.


Five years ago, Katharina started the project of her own small posada here in Catemaco, the "Casa Rosa". She has been living here for 7 years, after she had been deeply impressed by the unbelieveably beautiful nature, the lush vegetation and the kindness of the people when first visiting Catemaco. She decided to stay.


Over the last few years, in the tropical rain forest a place called "Benito Juárez" has been developing. Its inhabitants, around 200, aim to live in harmony with nature, to stop using plastic and to devote themselves actively to the protection of the environment. They also use traditional medicine and cultivate their own coffee.


In collaboration with Arnulfo from "Benito Juárez" we have developed our "Caminata extrema", a day trip through the jungle and the canyons, with their countless rivers and waterfalls, where you have to use a machete to free your path at some stretches of the tour. During the day, you will probably be able to spot some of the big black monkeys that live in these woods.


Katharina's experience tells us that Catemaco is the perfect place to come and rest a while between the different stages of your trip, so you can relax before going on and enjoying the many intensive experiences and impressions of your holiday. From here, you can get to the sea within only 45 minutes, and you can make very nice boat trips on the lake, or go visit the restaurant "El Teterete", on the opposite shore of the lake. Here, original recipes guarantee tastful dishes prepared on charcoal, and it is a much recommendable place for vegetarians, as the cooks use a lot of vegetables and cheese. The place is decorated with a lot of wood and terracotta.


Experience the region of Los Tuxtlas with Mextrotter, and enfold yourself in the virgin nature, a place still undiscovered by the big masses!




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Sit back, relax and just enjoy the Casa Rosa in Catemaco

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