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The term ''Jungle camp'' has a certain connotation since the a reality show of the same name was broadcasted. In our jungle lodges in the Lacandon jungle or in the biosphere reserve Calakmul you certainly don't have to eat worms  (unless you are the one who has just emptied a bottle of Mezcal ...) and the food that the Lacandon Indians prepare for the visitors is simple and good. 


You will be enchanted by the atmosphere and the sounds of the jungle while you end the evening comfortably with a bottle of Corona beer.

The next day, an about 4-hour walk through the Lacandon jungle, one of the most breathtaking destinations of Mexico,  is on the program. Again and again you look up the giant trunks of the trees to spot some toucans protected by the crown thicket or maybe you are trying to get a macro shot of the industrious leaf-cutter ants. Your Lacandon guide is dressed in a typical white robe and can tell you both about nature and the use of various different trees, plants, mushrooms, fruits, seeds etc. as well as about the tradition and current situation of his ethnic group. From this adventure trip you will definitely take countless lasting impressions home with you. 


Mextrotter offers unforgettable adventure trips:


  • Contact to excellent local guides. In Calakmul we recommend an animal safari with a local guide at dawn where you may get the chance to observe even very shy animals in their natural habitat.
  • Jungle lodges ranging from very simple (Río Lacanjah) to luxurious (Puerta Calakmul with Internet access) with intact mosquito nets under which you can feel absolutely safe.  
  • All this we offer to you also in our adventure small group tour, the option for the young and young at heart, at an affordable price.


In our Mexico Adventure Small Group Tour one night in the jungle camp in the Selva Lacandon, a highlight for adventurous travelers,  is included. 






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