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Men only - ACTION & fun


If you are a woman and landed on this page by mistake, find your Mexico dream vacation in our GIRLS-ONLY VACATIONS SECTION, where you will find the trip that is perfect for you! 


A men's holiday once a year is just as much part of a great and satisfying friendship as the weekly card game or beer at the usual pub. Here at Mextrotter, we fulfill men's requirements, for the 50% of the population that...


  • wants to pack in 10 minutes once a year, without having to squeeze 8 pairs of his partner's shoes in a suitcase that is too small anyway
  • wants to flirt a bit with the gorgeous receptionist at the hotel without having to endure a lengthy sermon afterwards
  • is already looking forward not to have to zap from one boring TV show -that he doesn't understand anyway- to another, while his lovely partner is endlessly getting ready for dinner
  • thinks a rainy day on vacation is just perfect, as there is always a bar with a roof over it somewhere for spending those long rainy hours
  • once seated for lunch doesn't have to worry about things like "salad or meat, healthy or greasy?", because he only cares about making sure that the beer is ice cold!
  • just for once wants the holiday conversations to be limited to the absolutely vital ones: "Did you see that bikini walking by?" or "I wonder what the outcome of yesterday's football match is?"
  • wants to speed down a hill on a mountainbike,  parachute out of an aircraft, ride as long as he can on a bull's back during a rodeo, or ride a Harley while blindfolded, without having to listen to her voice repeating "please be very careful darling"


But above all, we look forward to organizing that dream Mexican holiday just for you, knowing that you will also be ready to go back home afterwards to reunite with your partner.


To avoid any misunderstandings, we want to state clearly that we consider that a fun and healthy vacation just for men has certain limits. Out of moral conviction, here at Mextrotter we do not agree with organized trips that include prostitution.



Mextrotter offers for heartbreakers, machos & big-mouthed beer lovers:


  • Trips to sports events (for example a soccer game at the Aztec stadium)
  • Men's trips to typical bars (there are still a few cantinas in Mexico where women are not welcome)
  • Trips to Mexico with an adventurous touch (mountainbiking, riding a motorcycle, parachute jumps, rodeo, ...)
  • Culture trips with insider's information (what did the Aztecs use to drink, and what exactly does thatpulque taste like?)





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