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Mextrotter wants to fulfil wishes for women who


  • want to take as much luggage as they want without being limited by a husband.
  • want to chat with their friends as long as they want
  • enjoy rainy days because they can spend them in the Mall
  • want to relax on the beach with a book and without obligations
  • want to go to Yoga sessions as often as possible
  • want to spend their time shopping, having coffee, visiting museums


We will be happy to plan the dream vacation for women so that they return home afterwards happily, relaxed and full of new energy.




Mextrotter provides for the most beautiful race of the world:


  • Travel for mind and soul (as yoga trips and wellness)
  • Woman tours to the finest boutiques and shopping malls in Mexico
  • Mexico Travel with wild adventures (for example, a horse ride on the beach, a salsa crash course ...)
  • Cultural tours with insider information (as was the women's clothing of the Maya and is there possibly a boutique shop to buy that staff?) - YES THERE IS !!!




Erleben Sie mit Mextrotter den besten Urlaub speziell für Frauen oder Männer



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Wow, Mextrotter has so many beautiful & unique Mexico tours!
Yes, and our Mexico experts give free travel advise via telephone or LIVE-CHAT!
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