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GOURMET trips to mexico


Diego Riviera left a list under a section of his famous murals at the National Palace in Mexico city that shows food and beverages that Mexico has given to the world. Perhaps it will surprise you to find out that corn, Chili (including the Hungarian chili "Paprika"), beans, zucchini, tomatoes, vanilla, cocoa (called Xocolatl by the Aztecs), avocado, papaya, peanuts, turkey and chewing gum all come from this part of the world.

Mexican cuisine is an interesting and original mixture of homegrown and foreign food. Sugar cane is for example mixed with the traditional chili, you find pork with a sauce of green tomatoes or you may enjoy cheese with prickly pear leaves.

Due to the contribution of pre-Hispanic cultures Mexican cuisine was added to the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  In addition to unique methods of cultivation, such als Milpa (mixed cultivation) and Chinampa (floating gardens) traditional cooking utensils such as metate (grinding stone) and Molcajete (stone mortar) are still being used.

A Gourmet tour is the most delicious part of your individual Mexico trip. A culinary connoisseur does not need to travel to France to delight his/her sophisticated palate. Allow us to take you to the agave fields and show you hidden markets and small gourmet restaurants where food is truly authentic: Close your eyes, taste and enjoy!


Mextrotter can organize an unforgettable gourmet tour for you:


  • Routes that include gastronomic hotspots: the earth ovens of Santiago Tianguistenco in which barbacoa is prepared, the pulque "brewers" of Tlaxcala, the vanilla orchid fields of Papantla...
  • Guides who know where to eat traditional food and who show you places where people still prepare food according to ancient recipes.
  • Cooking classes with locals and chefs



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