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MEXIcO travel and tatooing in Mexico City


Tattooing has a long tradition and is part of the culture of many countries. It is known that tattoos were made even 7000 years ago. In our culture the rather negative image of tattoos has changed in recent years and now they are becoming increasingly popular.  Studies have determined that almost 6.3 million Germans are tattooed nowadays and that the followers of this body decoration are comingfrom all different social levels.


At present, the business of tatoos as a symbol for a holiday experience is booming. That's why Mextrotter offers a tatoo appointment  in one of the best three studios in Mexico City.


Tattoos in Mexico City

The largest city in Latin America offers a lot of possibilities for artists who arrive from many countries around the world due to its different cultural facets. This diversity is also reflected in the tattoo art. In Mexico City there are the best tattoostudios on the continent and the price advantage to European studios is definitely attractive. Among the variety of tattoo studios there will surely be the right one for every visitor.


In order to offer excellent quality, Mextrotter works together with the most famous tattoo studios of the metropolis.



Information before and after treatment


  • Mextrotter establishes contact between clients and artists
  • Pricing before departure
  • Fixed scheduling (date and time)
  • Desired tattoo should be determined BEFORE travelling
  • Desired tattoo should be tatooed in a single session
  • The tatoo should be engraved at the end of the trip as you strong sunlight and chlorinated water should be avoided.



Why get tattooed in Mexico?


Because tattoo artists in Mexico are highly creative and the prices lie about 20 % below those in Europe.



Information about hygiene


All selected tattoo studios are subject to the strictest hygiene regulations, just like in Europe. According to the Mexican Health Act of 2004 all tattoo studios and tattoo artists are obliged to use commercially available inks and needles at the sessions. The use of "China-ink" and already used needles is strictly prohibited. 



Benefits of a tattoo in Mexico


  • livetime Mexico reminder
  • significant price advantage 
  • exceptional artistsr
  • Influence of different styles and cultural directions on the work of the artist

A few more tips


  • Your decision should be considered thoroughly
  • If you select a text in a foreign language, characters or symbols wählen, you should make sure you know what they mean.
  • Just because the tattoo is inexpensive, it doesn't need to be large. Remember, you will wear it all your life.



M.o.b. Tattoo Studio


Ink Inc Condesa


estudio184 piercing & tattoo

Augustín Melgar s/n


Tel.: +52 55 6545 5137

Calle Colima #184, Int #101
Colonia Roma Norte
Delegación Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06700 

Tel.: +52 55 4755 5123

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