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Wandern durch die Sierra Norte - Mextrotter

SIERRA NORTE PUEBLA - 4 days trekking on paths away from the crowds


The Sierra Norte de Puebla, the "Northern Mountains" of the State of Puebla, is an area little noticed by international tourism. The magnificent landscapes and authentic villages and towns their indigineous population draw visitors into their spell.


The Sierra Norte is not a continuous mountain range, but a mosaic of rugged peaks and valleys, which are located between 700 and 2500 meters above the sea, creating numerous microclimates. In fact, the "Northern Mountain Range" is on average even lower than the plateau where Puebla and Mexico City are located. Since the clouds of the Golf of Mexico unload on these mountains,  the Sierra Norte is an evergreen "Garden of Eden", whose rivers are paving the way in numerous waterfalls to the nearby ocean.


Evergreen plants and especially the magnificent tree ferns determine the picture in the mountainous rainforest. In the morning the coffee plantations and the cobblestone streets of nearby villages are shrouded in a mystical fog which usually does not last long.  Soon the sun is shining again and is diving the banana plants and tile roofs into a bright light.


This trekking tour in Mexivo is an  ideal pre-program for a group tour, a car or bus trip. 


detailed programme for this trekking Tour for download







Day 1.Transfer from Mexico City or Puebla to Tlatlauquitepec in eastern Sierra Norte. Good breakfast. First stage of the trip is the dam La Soledad at the foot of the hill Coatetzin (25 km, 8-9 hours).


Night in a tent, romantic camp fire included!


Day 2. Between the slopes of Coatetzin and Apulco river and over the Las Brisas Waterfall to San Andres Tzicuilan and to Cuetzalan (15km - 6-7 hours)


Hotel La Casa de Piedra (3***)


Day 3. Through the valley of the Tozan 400 m down to Jonotla. Indigenous communities of Tzinacapan and Ecatlan. Visit of cave Cueva El Encanto. Swimming in natural pool (15 km, 7-8 hours).

Boutique Hotel La Casona de Don Porfirio

Day 4. Sanctuary of Jonotla, stroll through the village. Waterfall La Olla and from there back to Puebla or Mexico City.




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