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"You haven't really been somewhere unless you've been there on foot," Goethe once said.  Very few travelers associate the country of the Aztecs and Mayas with hiking or mountain climbing. However, Mexico offers a lot of great opportunities for both hikers and climbers with magnificent mountains that are relatively easy to climb.

In the  central highlands (around Mexico City and Puebla) are the highest mountains of Mexico: The Iztaccihuatl, known as "The Sleeping Woman", the Popocatepetl or "the White Giant" and  the Pico de Orizaba (5611 m high).


The Copper Canyon with an area of about 250 x 700 km is a paradise for trekkers in northern Mexico. In this vast region there are no marked trails, but there are thousands of routes that have been used by the Tarahumaras as transport paths among their small ranchos.


Mextrotter offers:


  • Insider trekking tours in the Copper Canyon and in the Sierra Norte in Oaxaca as well as dozens of other tours across the country.
  • Professional guides for  alpine mountain adventures in Mexico
  • Alpine equipment (crampons, ice axe, rope, etc.)
  • Camping equipment for trekking tours
  • Mexico Adventure small group tours with excursions away from the crowds.



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