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You are not into relaxing and you need more activities and adrenalin rushes during your vacation??


Then you are exactly right here.  With Mextrotter Sporty & Active you can mountainbike down the mountain slopes and admire the spectacular scenery at the same time. Enjoy exciting bicyle tours during your vacation in Mexico. Away from paved roads and mass tourism you will experience an unforgettable active vacaction and learn more about the country than many tourists.


Both the central Highlands around Mexico City and the Copper Canyon in the North are considered a paradise for hikers. The 5000 meter high summits of
the central highlands are a challenge for hikers but not too difficult to climb.


Yucatan offers a unique underwater world and excellent golf courses for every budget are waiting for guests who love exclusive and sporty activities.


For guests who prefer a comfortable vacation with some active elements we recommend our adventure round trips. On the Mexico Adventure tour you reach the Caribbean in 13 days starting in Mexico City and the  Yucatan Adventure tour brings you to exciting locations in Yucatan and Chiapas in 10 days. 




Wow, Mextrotter has so many beautiful & unique Mexico tours!
Yes, and our Mexico experts give free travel advise via telephone or LIVE-CHAT!
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