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Leave the organization of your bus trip through Mexico to the local professionals!


Bus & Shuttle Travel vs. Backpacker Travel in Mexico

To our young and adventurous customers we offer an alternative that will allow you to travel with the local population.  Instead of the classic backpacker trip where the backpacker takes care of every aspect of his/her trip (tickets, hotels, hotel search, etc) WE take care of everything.

In this case you get all your travel documents from us, so your complete tour will be organized by Mextrotter (Hotel coupons, organised shuttle services, and bus tickets) which will be sent to you electronically.


Components of the this service

1st class buses 

On your (electronic) ticket you will be able to see the departure time, bus company (bus services in the south are always operated by ADO) and seat number of the bus trip we booked for you. From the hotel (which is normally located in the centre of the city) to the bus station and vice versa you will need to take a taxi by yourself. The hotel will be more than happy to help you with this and you will always be able to find a taxi right outside the bus station. A taxi ride will cost you between 2 to 4 euro.


Shuttle Transfers / Excursions

This service is provided in small busses (not in the funny "Moto taxis" you see in the picture above). Usually you meet (depending on the season) between 6 to 12 fellow travelers. The shuttle services pick you up at your hotel and take you back there again. In all shuttle trips admission fees are included. By the excursions in Mexico City and Yucatan is also a englisch tour include. The excursion to the Chiapas is witout a tour guide and you will explore it on your own.



You can choose (as with all individual tours) standard hotels (3***) or upmarket hotels (4**** and above).


Price advantages

Since Mextrotter has many partner hotels in Mexico we can book them at lower prices than those the hotel would offer you directly.  You can add all the services we provide (you can check the price of the bus trip on your ticket and the room prices at the hotel reception) and you will see that, in addition to not having to worry about planning your trip, you save money!


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Yes, and our Mexico experts give free travel advise via telephone or LIVE-CHAT!
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