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You do not want a costly tour with private guide but you do not want to bow to group pressure either? If you want to travel to Mexico in an affordable and individual way, we have two options for you:


A rental car trip through Mexico allows you to explore the country of the Aztecs and Mayas in an affordable and flexible way. Our prefabricated rental car tours can be modified according to your wishes and if you are looking for even more flexibility, our Flexi-Drive offer is the best alternative.








An even more inexpensive way of traveling through Mexico is by public bus (1st. class) combined with shuttle tours. We can also modify these tours and adjust them to your preferences.



We offer your dream trip through Mexico as a tailor-made individual tour by car or bus. All our tours can be customized to your personal wishes and have Best Price Guarantee!​




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Yes, and our Mexico experts give free travel advise via telephone or LIVE-CHAT!
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