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Through Mexiko by public bus

Through Mexiko by public bus

Hi there,

I just wanted to let you know that we had a great time in Mexico. Thanks to Mextrotter of course !!  The hotels were really nice and even better then we expected. The buses rides and tour guides were all very enjoyable. Thank you for reserving the front seats! Then was a nice plus! We had no problems in Oaxaca.

We visited Chichen Itza at 8 o'clock in the morning and then took one of the smaller ADO buses to Valladolid before noon, so we made it to Cancun in the early afternoon.

You do a great job. Really thank you !!  :-)


Peter Gevaerts

Amazing Shuttle Tour, Mexico City to Cancun

Amazing Shuttle Tour, Mexico City to Cancun

Hi we are from London. We were originally all born in Kenya, Africa and moved to London 13 years ago.


How was your Mextrotter trip so far?
Fantastic so far. We had a week. We started in Mexico City; landed there and went to Puebla for one nihgt; and then from there we went to Oaxaca two nights; to visit the sights arround there; Mextrotter arranged all the excursions; from there we went to San Cristobal via the (Sumidero) Canyon; after that we went to Palenque via Agua Azul.


Was there any place on your tour where you did not feel safty here in Mexico?
No. Everywhere we have been, everyone has been very friendly and very nice and very helpful. Everyone has been fantastic. Yea, I mean that there is not any problem of saftey when travelling Mexico. So far it has been very safe and people that were with has have been taking care of us. The guides were very useful and helpful as well. We had a fantastic guide in Oaxaca by the name of Antonio; he was very very good; highly recommanded to use him.


How would you consider the booking process with Mextrotter?
I thought that it was actually very good. Mainly because it was quite advanced; there is an online portal which in my experience was very useful because it shows you the full itinerary; when the reps recommanded to go to the portal, all the information was allready there. The reps were available on the phone all time you needed them. Something else that I thought that was very good with Mextrotter was that the reps could be contacted via Skype; actually the day we were in San Cristobal I spoke to Jane (rep) wiht a few issues we had and she was very friendly and helpful.


Thank you very much. Have a nice onward jorney. Enjoy Mexico!


Seema Shah & Family

from London

Aztecs and Maya by bus

Aztecs and Maya by bus

Thanks Mextrotter for all your help by planning our tour! We decided to make a bus tour through Mexico and we had a wonderful experience. The nice thing was that we received all the bustickets beforehand - we have travelled to quite some places now but had never had this experience. Mostly we needed to visit the local office of the agency or something to pick up the tickets. Really we were surprised by the quality of the service of the busses, they are wonderful. We especially liked the area of San Cristobal, although the trip to Palenque was a bit heavy because of all the curves...Overall we are looking back to a wonderful experience.

Jane Parker

Bustour Aztecs & Maya

Bustour Aztecs & Maya

For all people that do not like to read a lot: CONCLUSION: We would go again with Mextrotter! Good organization, reliable airport transfers, good advise on route, excellent hotel selection.


Nicky & Alex

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