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Sustainability at the Mextrotter office in Mexico

sustainability at the Mextrotter office




As a part of the Trottermundo network, which consists of locally based country specialists, we work according to commonly established criteria regarding sustainability. Here some examples:


  • Recycling: Waste separation and waste disposal in appropriate places / companies  (in developing and emerging countries, the specialized infrastructure is still far from perfect), own composting of our organic waste
  • Saving electricity: Adjustment of working hours to the course of daylight, energy saving, voltage optimization
  • Saving water:  Collecting rain water (for toilet flushing)
  • Saving Paper. Recycling of paper or chlorine free paper, using pieces of paper on both sides, electronic processing rather than printing
  • Saving Toner.  Using refillable cartridges
  • Fair payment/treatment. Fair payment, working schedules and holiday regulations, insurances, offers for advanced training



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