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what is sustainability for mextrotter?


Sustainability (Latin perpetuitas) is defined as a long lasting effect or durability and success.


Sustainability in terms of tourism means the conservation of target areas for the benefit of the local population and the tourists. This simplified formulation applies to us as supreme principle.


Non sustainability in tourism eventually leads to the fact that

  • travel areas are polluted slowly but surely and consequently lose their appeal (i.e. destroyed rainforests or coral reefs).
  • Employees cannot improve their living conditions due to low pay and exploitation. As a result, crime in popular tourist centers or in the vicinity of hotels can increase.


Sustainable behavior is based on three fundamental points also known as pillars of sustainability: 


  • Ecology.
  • Economy.
  • Social aspect.


Sustainability in tourism should ideally be operated from all sides. If all pull together, each making
a contribution and setting a good example, the basic concept of sustainability is fulfilled.
In this section of our website we want to give an overview of how sustainability is implemented in our office and with our service providers. We also want to give ideas and suggestions to our customers.


Surely also important for you in terms of sustainability 

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