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Unfortunately,  Mexico is not one of the pioneer countries as far as sustainability is concerned. Because of the conditions imposed by corruption, it is often easy to get around the environmental laws. Exploitation of land and human capital is still the norm in this country. Only a few companies work according to strict and sustainable rules. Saving water and energy, separating  or reducing garbage etc. are not common issues, yet.


But there is hope: During the last 10 years things have started to change.  At public schools children learn about the environment and about how to avoid  more damage to it. Charity organizations are trying to make people more aware of the world they live in.

Environmental consciousness is well established in Mexico's higher middle class. Unfortunately, 80 % of the population is still too poor to care about sustainability. They still have to worry about how to survive on a daily basis.


In Mexico, tourism is one of the most important economic pillars. A big part of the incomes from tourism is generated at the Caribbean coast (Cancún and the Riviera Maya), as well as in beach resorts like Acapulco, Vallarta and Los Cabos. In these places, most service providers are big, international (and not Mexican) investors. Very little of the added value stays in the country.

Mextrotter does not exclude resort hotels belonging to international chains from its offers. In the selection of our partner hotels, we pay great attention to the "mix in total". The large Barceló hotel can e.g. be more environmentally friendly through adequate (and usually expensive) disposal facilities such as water treatment, purification plants, etc. than others.


Tourism and cultural exchange offer a perfect opportunity for the locals to learn from and compare with  travelers from other countries. Unfortunately, not all travelers are willing to be "sustainability ambassadors".We invite you to actively put this pioneer role, together with us, into practice. Sustainable traveling means offering a good example, worth being followed.


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