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Climate change, Ozone layer depletion, water scarcity or loss of biologic diversity: all these are concepts known to the generations of the 21st century. These are changes mostly originated by human behaviour that may generate intended or unintended consequences.

Even more, intense globalisation and growing consciousness about ecologically responsible products and services, Trottermundo is now accepting the challenge of developing an option for sustainable tourism and gain a place among the companies of this kind.






 What is sustainable tourism?


Tourism is not only a victim of climate change, but also one of its most important causes. This industry depends on many factors, such as weather, climate, landscape, but especially on pristine landscapes. Who wants to travel to countries where nature had to give way to progress?

But sustainable tourism is much more than only the part related to landscape. A widespread and accepted method to offer sustainable tourism is shaped as the "magical pentagonal pyramid".

The basis of the pentagonal pyramid constructs a target system for sustainable tourism, which consists of the following angles: economic wellbeing, hospitality, cultural diversity, protection of nature and resources, and subjective wellbeing. Economic wellbeing is in this dynamic a symbol for income, recognizing the importance of creation and cutting back inequalities. Hospitality is related to the optimal satisfaction in the varied expectations of the guests. Cultural variety is materialized in cultural efforts, taking care of indigenous culture and the cultural patrimony. The care for the nature and resources of a region is guaranteed when its biodiversity, resources and landscape development are taken care of. The last angle is related to subjective wellbeing, defined by true independency, freedom and  self-development. Those five points work together to achieve the target of rights of development and agreements between the generations about sustainable tourist development for future generations.



How can EVERY traveler contribute to this?


Here at Trottermundo we care a lot about the breathtaking beauty of the country, as well as about its cultural uniqueness. In order to be able to show and offer these aspects to you from now on, we would like to explain a few things about a somewhat different and more conscious way of traveling.

It is not a coincidence that "sustainable tourism" is also known as "intelligent tourism", as this way of traveling guarantees that people will travel consciously now to be able to keep doing so in the future.

The biggest project with immediate effect are our donations: at Trottermundo, you won't have to look for them in the small letters; here, they are optional services. The guest can look for a project that strikes him. The donations will then benefit organizations such as SOS Children's Villages, or UNICEF, who make efforts to achieve global development day after day.

But it's not necessary to make a donation to be able to travel sustainably; it already starts whith each trip's request!

Here are a few tips to easily become an "intelligent tourist":


Before your trip


  • Only make a printout for the most important information, for example your vouchers, flight tickets and one version of the itinerary of your trip for all the travelers
  • Inform yourself about cultural differences
  • When choosing your beach hotel, pay attention to our "green palm trees" (valuation system for measuring how sustainable the hotel is)
  • Rail & Fly


During your trip


  • Deposit waste only in garbage bins
  • Show openness and tolerance towards the new culture


What do we offer on site together with our service suppliers?


Already when choosing our products, we consider it very important for our service suppliers to work in a sustainably conscious way. The three biggest polluting factors when making a faraway trip are both outward and homeward journey by plane, the hotels and the means of transportation during your trip.

In order to lower these three elements, we offer for a CO² compensation through Atmosfair for long distance flights, our very own valuation system of the car fleet, and a specific valuation system for the hotels, in order to offer more transparence.


Outward and homeward journey.  The benefits of a compensation when making long distance flights favor different projects throughout the world. You can find more information on Fair Travel.

Unfortunately, as a Mexican organizer we are not able to offer Rail & Fly, even though we have been frequently asked to do so by our clients. However, as an alternative we offer a credit note after presenting your train ticket, which you can deduct at once when booking.


Car fleet.  Mextrotter, the biggest Trotter of the Trottermundo family, meanwhile has its own car fleet at its disposition, which is kept in good conditions following  strict guidelines. As an example of this, we want to mention the thorough training of the drivers.  They know how to drive economically and how to take care of used oil after changing it.

For the other Trotters, we make sure we select our partners following strict rules.


Hotels.  Trottermundo has developped its own valuation system which guarantees more transparence to its guests at a glance, offering information about the sustainability of the hotels. For more information, please take a look here.



Does it cost more or does it also work with small but significative actions?


Sustainable tourism is not necessarily connected with additional costs. Even small actions can provide for a healthier environment be it prior to departure with the saving of paper and printer cartridges or while driving to the airport by using public transport and  thus saving fuel costs. When planning your vacation you may pay attention to the Trottermundo rating system for hotels.  Many hotels are already working sustainably and you can encourage this trend by booking sustainable hotels without large  additional costs.


Trottermundo also supports social projects and is therefore dependent on donations from guests. You are free to choose the amount of your donation.


Learn more about sustainability at Mextrotter and in Mexico

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