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The mextrotter mexico travel lexicon

In this section our two Mexico specialists Luis and Alejandra present terms that you will definitely come across during your Mexico tour. The terms cover the areas of food, drinks, culture, cities and sights.


Mexico is about six times the size of Germany and consists of 31 states. Luis and Alejandra want you to learn more about this hospitable country with its customs and secrets. Terms such as Michelada, Mezcal or Chilango will accompany you every  day. Be curious  and discover the charm of Mexico with us.



I don't know what to tell first, Alejandra!
There is so much to say about Mexico, let me start , Luis
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Hello dear traveler, we are Luis and Alejandra and we want to present our wonderful country to you. How nice that so many people want to get to know our Mexico!


In order to be well-prepared for your Mexico vacation, we are happy to help you to get an insight into our culture.


Every week we will post a small article about a topic that has to do with Mexico. So, don't forget to check our page from time to time.


worth knowing about mexico - the mexico lexicon terms of mextrotter


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