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Terms and conditions

Dear Traveller,

Please find below the general Terms and Conditions for your information. Please make sure you read them carefully since they apply to you once you accept to book with us. Contrary terms and conditions are - except by writter approval - not recognized. In case of any booking of a corporate venture from Mextrotter the conditions of the respective company involved will be considered as well.


Once you decide to book your tour with Mextrotter both parties involved have a contract. The agreement or contract is binding for MEXTROTTER once the booking and the price have been confirmed by the booking confirmation the customer receives per email.


1.1 Booking confirmation / Travel Insurance Certificate
After your booking you will receive a booking confirmation from Mextrotter. Together with this confirmation you will receive a note which describes the booked tour, the price and the type of tour booked (Individual tou with / without guide, adventure tour etc). As a non-European tour operator we are not able to offer a Insolvency Insurance. However, our bank (see reference in your offer) is happy to inform you about our credit reports. We would also like to refer you to our cooperation partners in Europe as well as a reference.


At least 14 days after the receipt of the balance statement the amount of the first payment should be received on our bank account. Any travel- or cancellation insurance or flight included in the tour needs to be paid immediately in full (at the first payment). No later then 14 days prior to arrival the last part of the payment should be made. If we do not register any receipt of the final payment in time, Mextrotter has the right to consider this as an unannounced cancellation of the trip by the customer, unless agreed upon differently (eg payment afterwards).


3.1 Implementation
All our tours are planned and executed according to the program. However, the travel itinerary can be subject to change, either in the area of hotel reservations or the program (more information can be find below under ´Special Features of Adventure Travelling¨). Distancing yourself from the group is at your own risk. A late appearance at departure time can involve a departure without a participant and there is no right to claim any damage in this case.

3.2 Price
All prices are given in Euros and established according to the underlying offer or prospectus. The prices and services of MEXTROTTER for any individual booked tour are shown and stipulated in the offer (land arrangements and flight) and are binding after the first payment. Should there be any problem before the beginning of the tour for which we are not responsable (e.g. exchange rate fluctuations or changes in the prices of flights) , Mextrotter reserves the right to adjust the price of the tour up to a maximum of 10% of the total price of the tour. This applies to a maximum of 20 days before departure time. The prices shown are per person.

3.3 Services
The services listed in the travel description are included in the price. The meals for the participants in the tour will be provided according to the description of the services. Guests are offered either bed & breakfast, half board or full board. Half board usually includes breakfast and dinner. It will be listed separately, if other meals are included in the tour price. We will take special requestsas far as the services are concerned into consideration but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfill all wishes. Tips are not included in our services.

3.4 Services and price changes
We reserve the right to make changes without any further notice in case of strikes, weather conditions, political circumstances or any other kind of major force.


The traveler may terminate the contractual relationship with the travel provider MEXTROTTER  prior to departure. The cancellation notice must be in writing (e-mail or fax) and no reason for cancellation needs to be given . Any cancellation is subject to the charges mentioned below. Advance payments will be refunded after the deduction of the remaining cancellation charges or, in the case of a negative balance, a rest payment will be required.


4.1 Cancellation charges

4.1.1 Flights

We book flights over a third party (e.g. and therefore Mextrotter acts as an agent of this component. Scheduled flights are paid immediately at the time of reservation. A cancellation is bound by the terms of the airline.


4.1.2 Land Arrangement

The following cancelation fees apply: 


4 weeks or more before departure: 10%
30-15 days before departure: 20%
14-3 days before departure: 85%
3 days (72 hours) prior to departure: 95%


4.2 Cancellation Insurance

The  conditions of the cancellation insurance apply for the acquisition of the cancellation charges. 


The tour operator MEXTORTTER can withdraw from the contract in case of an unpredictable event from outside or if the terms of payment were not met by the customer (in this case the same rules apply as at the beginning of travel but without cancellation insurance).


Generally, a change of a traveler's name in the land arrangement is possible and for free. A name change for a confirmed scheduled flight is usually restricted and requires a fee, depending on the conditions of the respective airline.


We are responsable for the proper realisation of the travels according to the program and the price. As far as restaurants,  transportation companies and other service providers are concerned, we are only intermediaries. Therefore we assume no responsibilty for accidents, losses or damages of any kind. However, the liability of those enterprises is not affected either. For any interference caused by the lifestyle of the local population (dance music in the early morning hours, etc) we don't hold responsible. Disorders that occur due to "reckless" or negligent conduct of the traveler (e.g. drunkenness, assaults etc.) are generally excluded from the liability of the tour operator MEXTROTTER.


Mextrotter has put great effort into the selection of the type of transport, the accommodation and local services. However, should the performance of any partner not meet the standards we kindly ask the traveler to report this to the tour guide, the driver or to the contact person in sales, so they can solve the problem immediately. In case a traveler decides not make a claim immediately, we are not entitled to give any refund.


Every traveler is obliged to avoid or minimize damages in the context of the legal provisions when an error in the service is detected.  In order to be able
to make a claim against the tour operator MEXTROTTER, the client needs to ask for a confirmation that proves that the service was not provided. The claim (in writing) and the documentary evidence have to be sent to Mextrotter  within 2 weeks after the end of the trip. Tour guides etc, are not authorized to recognize any claims.




The tour operator MEXTROTTER has to be notified about all possible claims in writing (per email or fax) within a month of the contractual  end of the trip. After this period the traveler cannot make any more claims unless he is not to blame for not meeting the deadline.



The period of limitation begins with the day on which the journey is to end according to the contract. In case there are claims pending between the traveler and the travel provider MEXTROTTER, the statue of limitation is suspended until a negotiating partner refuses to continue the hearing or prolongs it unnecessarily. The limitation period expires no earlier than three months after the end of the suspension.  Tort claims become time-barred within three years. The assignment of claims against the tour operator  MEXTROTTER is excluded.



Not even in urgent cases will names and whereabouts of the travelers be disclosed to third parties, unless a traveller gives specific written permission to disclose his/her name . Costs arising from the transmission of urgent messages are charged to the customer. It is therefore recommended that the tour participants inform their relatives about their whereabouts prior to departure. (Mextrotter provides travelers with the addresses).




Delays in public transport such as train, bus or plane may happen. Sometimes local events such as markets or festivals are canceled, often at short notice or without any notice at all. It has to be taken into consideration that accommodation and services cannot always be compared with European standards. Inadquate sanitation or hygienic deficiencies can occur.



Travel Tips: All our travel suggestions in the travel documents are not legally binding.



Information on physical demand and climate: All information on physical demands and climate were created to the best of our knowledge. They serve as customer service. Since physical requirements include an extremely subjective component and climate variations are possible at any time, we assume no responsibility in the information given in this context.



Vaccinations: Legally required vaccinations are published in our documents. We would like to point out that vaccination recommendations should be obtained prior to departure by a medical specialist.


The invalidity of any provision of the contract does not invalidate the entire travel contract. The same applies to these terms and conditions.



Mextrotter is a local partner of the specialist network TROTTERMUNDO, a Mexican company. In case of any disputes and  in the client's interest, jurisdiction will take place in the country of residence of the customer.

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