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Meeting the locals

Contact with the local population has been one of the most important aspects of Mextrotter tours.
Enjoy some nice hours with a local family in Oaxaca on our Mexico Azteca Maya tour or be guided by a Lacandon Indian through the rainforest on the  Mexico Adventure tours. Visitors of the Copper Canyon in northern Mexico will be led to the caves of the Tarahumara  Indians and will visit the Mennonites, a very traditional ethnic group with German roots.

Romantic Hotel Santo Domingo in Izamal

The World Cultural Heritage of Izamal with its impressive convent is visited by many tourists on their way to Chichen Itza but only few decide to stay in this colonial gem. Let yourself be persuaded to stay at least for two nights in the romantic hotel Santo Domingo, which is run by two Austrians. From here you can visit Chichen Itza or you can explore the surroundings by bike or hiking: Visit an old Hacienda or mystical Mayan caves where limestone is mined. A natural cenote (cave with fresh water) also invites you to take a refreshing bath.  Izamal provides an ideal stop for tours with rented cars. You can easily add one or two days in Izamal to the Maya World rental car tour

Caribbean dream on the island of Holbox

The Caribbean Island of Holbox (2.5 hours northwest of Cancun) is the best choice for people who don't feel comfortable in the  large hotel areas of Cancun or the Riviera Maya. It will take you about 2 hours to get from Cancun to Chiquilá from where the ferry leaves for Holbox every hour. After a 20 minute crossing you are welcomed by friendly, very relaxed Caribbean Mexicans who take you to the hotel in a golf cart because there are no taxis or other cars on Holbox.


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