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questions about rental car tours in mexico

Is driving around in Mexico safe enough? How are the roads in Mexico?

Mexico is considered a very safe destination for trips by rental car. Road conditions are much better than expected and Mexicans drive with more consideration than some people from other countries think they do. The difference is that Mexicans are more intuitive drivers and do not always abide by the rules. An all-terrain vehicle is not necessarily required but you always have to watch out for potholes, unexpected speedbumps (topes) and other "surprises". Our logistic instructions (in the travel documents) and the approximate time data will help you to prepare for each route.

Baja California Travel Information: A 4x4 vehicle is recommended when you take roads off the main track (MEX 1). You will drive over sand or gravel if you visit e.g. the bay of San Ignacio or the Sierra San Francisco.

Will I get street maps? What are the best/safest places to park?

You will get a free detailed road atlas and you have the option to book a GPS navigation system. (The exception are rental car tours in Baja California, where you can get a GPS for rent  at our local car rental partner.)

All our partner hotels have their own parking space or they cooperate with a car park where you can park your car safely. In archaeological sites, museums etc. you will always find guarded parking for small fees. In cities we recommend not to park on the street. (The rules for parking are not easy to understand and differ from state to state.) Public but guarded parking ("Estacionamiento Publico") provides protection from unpleasant surprises.

What costs for petrol and road taxes should I expect for my trip?

With the rental car trip Aztecs and Maya you will drive about 2,500 kilometers through Mexico. Petrol has a costs of 0.50 Euro per liter approx. much lower then in Europe. Prices in Mexico are quite stable. The total costs for the petrol during a trip depend definitely on the car, the use of the car and the extra trips yu make besides the programme we planned for you.

We advise you to take the 'Cuota' roads, the federal highways where one should pay road taxes for. These are in better conditions and you will get faster from A to B then driving over the 'Libres'. Federal highways are normally indicated with a 'D' as for example MEX95D.

For a tour you will not spend more then 800 Pesos on road taxes, which is roughly 50 Euro.

Do I need the international driver's license in Mexico?

No. With a license from your home country you can rent and drive a car in Mexico without problem.

Can a car requested by us be guaranteed by Mextrotter?

Like all rental car providers we can only guarantee a certain car category (more under but not a specific car. We will  be happy to consider your special wishes but we cannot always guarantee them (especially during high season). Wishes for automatic or gear circuit are always fulfilled.

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