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questions about payment of your mexico tour and about money in mexico

What amount of down payment? Until when the final payment?

With Mextrotter you decide the payment plan:



20% deposit (on the price of the tour without flights) when booking and the balance 14 days prior to arrival (we will send a reminder).


After travelling:

Send us a scanned copy of your passport together with your booking mail and pay up to 7 days after you go back home. A 4% fee is charged for this option.



Traditional and after travelling can be freely mixed. For example: You pay 20% when booking, 30% 14 days before departure and the remainder (50%) after the trip. The 4% fee is calculated in each case only on the amount due after the trip.


Flights must always be 100% paid at the time of booking.

How long will it take before my payment is (formally) confirmed?

Our accounting department normally registers all received payments on Friday. Thus, it can take up to a week or a little more for your payment to be confirmed. All booking procedures and travel documents are carried out separately from your payment: we make the reservations as soon as we receive your  travel confirmation. Your travel documents will be sent to you automatically, even if your final payment is still pending.

It is not necessary to send any payment confirmation to your sales representative, unless your reservation includes booking a flight. Your personal sales executive will inform you about this.

Which payment methods are recommended in Mexico?

Instead of changing your cash (Sometimes risking a bad exchange rate) we recommend you to bring a debit card and use it at any ATM in Mexico, You could just bring a small amount of cash with you (maybe about 200 or 300 Euro per person). Changing Euros in the North of Mexico (Baja California, Copper Canyon) is not very easy. We advise you to bring some US Dollars in case you go there. Make sure you are aware of the daily exchange rate.







How do I pay at Mextrotter? Are credit cards accepted?
(Within the EU) at no cost to you. Credit card payments can only be charged via the online service of paypal; The fee of 4.5% invoiced to us will be passed on to you in full.

Do they give tips in Mexico?


Mexico is a landmark. Especially in restaurants, It is common to give 10% to 15% tip. The waiters have, if at all  a very low basic salary and rely entirely on tips. In tourist and upscale restaurants, a tip (in Spanish "propina") is usually expected immediately. The separately indicated 16% IVA is the turnover tax and has nothing to do with the tip.



How much should I tip?

Mexico is a country where a lot of tips are given. Many people receive no salary (or a very low one)  and their only income comes from tips. This is the case of, for example, waiters, who expect to receive a 10-15% tip out of the total amount to be paid. People who help you with your luggage expect to receive between 10 to 15 Pesos. If you are (very) satisfied with the guide and driver of your tour we recommend you to tip the driver 1.50 Euro per person, per day and 2.00 to 2.50 Euro for the guide. Of course in the end it is up to you to give a tip or not.

Do you have to pay border fees beween Mexico and Guatemala, Mexico and Belize?


When crossing the borders between Mexico and Guatemala, Guatemala and Belize, Belize and Mexico you are asked to pay a fee but the rules under which these fees are established are not easily understood. Even more complicated is the fact that the rules and fees change after quite short periods of time.
The entering and leaving fee you have to expect when traveling between Mexico, Belize and Guatemala on land or sea usually lies between 10 and 25 Euros. When leaving Mexico by air, no fee is due.


What costs should I calculate per day (food, drinks)?

Be aware that the price level in Mexico is approximately 40% lower than in Europe. In other words: food and drinks cost about half the price (excluding table wine, which is quite expensive in Mexico). A guide for personal meal expenses could be 15 to 30 Euro per person per day.  The exact amount you spend  per day depends on your drinking and eating habits.

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