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Questions concerning health and safety

Are vaccinations required for Mexico?

There are no obligatory vaccinations. For trips into the rain forest of Chiapas and in the south of Yucatan prophylaxis vaccinations against malaria and hepatitis A and B are recommended. Your personal physician will advise you in detail. You also find information at the Foreign Office. 
Our personal recommendation (which is not supported by a doctors' opinion) is not to vaccinate. People who receive injections often travel with a weakened immunity system that causes problems in stomach and intestines (Montezuma's Revenge).  We advise you to bring a "stand by Malaria pill" which can be taken in the event of an emergency.


Is Mexico a dangerous country?

Given the wide income gap among the population, countries like Mexico have a higher (average) crime rate than most European countries. As in any country in the world, pick pockets are especially aware of tourists who wear expensive jewellery or have a nice camera.

In big markets or crowded places, you should pay more attention. A group offers more protection, so it is advisable to stay close to the group. In general Mexico is considered as a safe tourist-country.  Mexico City, as any big city in the world, has a bad reputation which sometimes is undeserved. Nevertheless, we strongly discourage you to go for a walk during the night in Mexico City, especially in the dark streets of the town centre. You should never take a public taxi (which circulate on the roads and stop when once calls them by waving the hand); instead, always ask for a Taxi de Sitio (on-site taxi) when you are at the hotel, restaurant or bar.  Maybe they will charge 25% more, but they are 99.9% secure.







Should I expect very noisy weekends?

Mexicans love to celebrate and have parties. People with low income (about 60 to 100 million) spend a big part of their monthly income in parties during the weekends. Loud music all night long is a rule. Please do not take this as a nuisance, but as part of a culture who loves to have fun. Perhaps it can be seen as a motivation for you to join in the celebrations!



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