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General questions before travelling

Skeptical about internet bookings?

Only with Mextrotter: Travel first, pay afterwards!  By paying only 4% extra you enjoy your trip first and pay within 7 days after you go back home.

Why does Mextrotter not issue a travel security certificate?

As a Mexican company we cannot issue a travel security certificate.Clients sometimes wrongly believe that there is a travel security certificate for the whole trip when in fact only the advance payments are insured (sometimes not even with 100 %) in case of bankruptcy of the enterprise.

How do I book with Mextrotter?

After choosing your desired trip(s) on our website you will receive a non-binding offer which you can book simply by replying the e-mail. Please include the reference number (= tourcode) in your mail. By doing this you will receive access to your personal travel portal, where you can enter the passengers' personal dates so we can book the flights that may be included in the offer.


For further information consider our  Booking Memo Sheet.




How do I get my travel documents?

Once you have booked, you can log directly into your Mextrotter online travel portal. The travel documents are available for download no later than 14 days before your trip starts.

When is the best time to travel to Mexico?

You can travel to Mexico throughout the year. As a traveller, you will probably a bit worried about the rainy season spoiling the pleasure of your travel. As Europeans or Americans (United States), you may associate rain with wind, coolness, damp weather and staying inside your house. However, this is different in Mexico.


First of all, during the rainy season in Mexico it seldom rains during the day; it mainly rains during the night. The rain falls down as short, strong showers and it hardly cools down the country: it remains warm. For all these reasons, we recommend you not to plan your trip to Mexico solely on the basis of the rainy season. However, if you still do not want to travel around during the rainy season, you can best do so from November to March.


What is the climate like in Mexico?

Almost all different climate types can be found in Mexico. In general, we can describe the climate on the main routes as follows: 



Baja California and Copper Canyon


The peninsula is characterized by large temperature fluctuations (Desert Climate). During the winter it can be extremely dry; at night the temperature drops below zero and during the day it rises up to (more than) 20°C. During the summer it is also quite cold at night (approx. 10°C) but during the day the temperature can rise up to 45°C, so drink plenty of water. In the Copper Canyon one experiences moderate temperatures, approx. 15°C - 25°C on a daily basis. During the winter (December to February) snow can be expected in the higher areas.


Southeast (Mexico City - Caribbean)


The classic tour from the highlands around Mexico City to the Caribbean goes through several climate zones. At high levels, such as Mexico City and San Cristóbal, the climate is dry and mild, and cool at night. A sweater may come in handy in those areas, possibly a jacket during the winter months. In the early morning temperatures are between 5°C - 10°C; however, it gets warmer during the day. In the lower areas you will not freeze at all. In Palenque it is always humid and tropically warm. During the night the temperature rarely drops below 15°C. The Yucatán peninsula is a bit dry since it is situated just outside the rain forest of Chiapas. The temperature is between 15°C - 35°C all year round. On the coast you can enjoy a nice little breeze.


Rainy season


In the southeast of Mexico there are basically two seasons: the dry and the rainy season. The rainy season begins in April and finishes at the end of October/early November. This season is characterised by short, but heavy rains in the afternoon or night; during daytime chances of rain are very small. The humidity in the rain forest in Chiapas and Yucatán is very high. Even when it rains there is no significant temperature change.  The hurricane season is linked to the rain season. Most tropical storms are formed in the Atlantic Ocean and do not reach the mainland. Daily weather forecasts can be found on




3-bed room versus room for three or triple room


On the American continent, in most rare cases will a  hotel room  have 3 Beds; it is not usual at all. In Mexico as well, rooms for three persons are referred to as rooms for 3 or triple rooms, not 3-Beds. Normally, these are rooms with 2 double beds (queen size -160 cm wide- or hotel size -140 or 150 cm wide).


As a consequence, when booking a triple room, you cannot be sure there will effectively be 3 separate beds in the room. In Mexico it is also quite "normal", even when we book a room for 3 persons, that there is not automatically a towel or an additional cover for the third occupant.


What for you as a European or American  seems "logical" might not be so for the somewhat more casual Mexicans, but when a guest asks for an extra towel, he will of course get one right away.


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